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Members may sign-up for any sailing event offered on the calendar below that is allowed by your membership. (Some memberships have restrictions)

  • Communicate your preference (learning or pleasure) to your skipper and answer these QUESTIONS so we can better customize your sailing experience.


Request to Sail (RTS)

New Members should sign up on the "Request for Sailing" Roster until they understand the scheduling system. This helps us determine demand so we can open additional boats but it doesn't guarantee you a spot on a boat.

  • We will confirm your reservation via email if you make it on a boat with your specific boat assignment. Our schedule is constantly changing with 100’s of people looking to sail, and new boats being added.  We try for 5 days warning, but it may be less.

  • We understand that you may have other plans, just take yourself off the “Request to Sail” Roster if you are no longer available. Click HERE

  • You may put your name on multiple Rosters on different days but please take them off if you cannot make it or are assigned to a boat.​ Click HERE

  • Reminder Emails are sent the day before your sail. If you receive a "reminder email" about being on the "Request for Sailing" roster, unfortunately, we did not find a boat for you. Try signing-up on the Roster for additional days.

  • Let us know if you are capable of "minuteman notice" in case we have a last-minute cancelation and you can make it to the harbor in under 45 minutes.

There are 3 ways to schedule your sails
  1. Use the schedule on this page.
  2. LOGIN to your account via a browser.
  3. Use the Mobile App
For easy Scheduling, Sign-up for the "Request for Sailing" Roster below
  • All Guests must be registered

  • "Get a heads-up before bookings" must be checked or you will not receive confirmation emails with directions!


3rd Coast scheduling offers maximum flexibility, new sailors, even with no experience, may schedule anytime we are sailing. You are in complete control of when you sail and depending on your membership, you have the option to sail every day!


  • EVERYONE who is sailing MUST be registered.

  • Each sailing participant MUST be scheduled 

    • Log into your separate accounts to schedule.

    • For example, 2 people share a package, schedule by logging into separate accounts. 

  • Each participant receives a confirmation email right after they schedule & a reminder email the day before your cruise.

    • No Confirmation Email? Check your schedule and then check to make sure you are set to receive email reminders under "Profile"

  • All guests must fill-out "Sailors Registration" on this page.

  • Guests MUST USE a unique email for registration, this will be their user name.

  • Email the office providing the guest's name so we can connect your accounts.

  • Once we connect accounts, your guest can schedule by logging into their account. (You may need to log-out of the primary's account)

  • All guests must be scheduled.

  • More detailed INSTRUCTIONS

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