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  • All participants must be registered and scheduled. (Have guests register on this page under "Sailors Registration".

  • All participants will receive a confirmation email when scheduled & a reminder email the day before your cruise.

  • Each participant must be scheduled

WAITLIST for Sailing

We highly recommend that you sign-up under our daily "WAITLIST for Sailing". This helps us determine demand so we can open additional boats.

  • You may put your name on multiple waitlists on different days.​

  • Sharing your sails? Make sure they are registered. (Use Sailors Registration)

    • Every person must be on the waitlist who wants to sail

  • We normally contact folks 3 days prior (email &/or text).

  • If you receive a "Confirmation Email" about being on the "Waitlist" the day before, unfortunately, we did not find a boat for you, sign-up for more "Waitlists"

  • Let us know if you are capable of "minuteman notice" in case we have a last-minute cancelation and you can make it to the harbor in under 30 minutes.


Sharing your sailing package?

  • All guests must fill-out "Sailors Registration" on this page.

  • Guests MUST USE a unique email, this will be their user name.

  • Email the office to inform us so we can connect your account to your guests'.

  • Once we connect accounts, your guest can schedule.

  • All guests must be scheduled.

  • More detailed INSTRUCTIONS

Schedule your Sail
There are 3 ways to schedule your sails
  1. Use the schedule on this page.
  2. LOGIN to your account
  3. Use the Mobile App
We highly recommend that you sign-up for "Waitlist for Sailing"


  • All Guests must be registered

  • "Get a heads-up before bookings" must be checked or you will not receive confirmation emails with directions!

Schedule your Sail