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Virtual Classes Offered NOW!

As a way of saying "Thanks" to the sailing community for the last 18 years of business, we are offering these classes at no cost.* Our interactive virtual seminars will allow you to ask experts specific sailing questions and we are currently offering several different seminars that are open to all experience levels.

  1. Weather: To Sail or Not to Sail

    • Covers fronts, reading a weather map, etc.​

  2. The Wind and you Sails

    • Apparent/True Wind, Sail Trim, etc.​

  3. The ABC's of Sailing

    • Basics for Newbies, good review for Skippers in training​

  4. Intro to Navigation 

    • Chart Readings, Variation, ​Compass Rose, etc.

  5.  Feeling Knotty? 8 Essential Sailing Knots

    • Hands-on Knot trying lesson​s.

  6. Navigation: Virtual Port to Port Sail

    • Sail with us (virtually) as we make our way from Monroe to Waukegan Harbor discovering important navigation marks using Navionics.

Schedule Now

You will ALWAYS receive an auto-email confirming your appointment along with optional study materials.

When registering please check the following to receive class confirmations & updates.

  • Subscribe to reminders & notifications

  • Get a heads-up before bookings or when your schedule changes


* All virtual classes are free. You will be asked for your CC info but will only be charged $10.00 if you no-show or cancel within 12 hours of the class.  


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