When you get a certification from 3rd Coast, you are not only getting documentation that states you are capable, most importantly, you are getting the hands-on experience you need to ensure that you truly are a capable and competent sailor/skipper. Our certified skippers are capable of handling just about any situation that arises because they have accumulated massive amounts of seatime and hands-on experience with the added bonus of Off-Season Training where they learned technical troubleshooting of all systems on a sailboat. 

How do I get my internationally recognized SLC?

3rd Coast is a certified NauticEd practical training school offering INTERNATIONAL SAILING LICENSES AND CREDENTIALS (SLC™). It is a recreational sailing certification and license valid for all yacht charter companies worldwide including Europe. To get your SLC you will need the following:

  • SUFFICIENT DOCUMENTED EXPERIENCE: To get your SLC you will need at least 200 hours of seatime, 100 hours of which you are the Master and size does matter! 28' or larger.
  • Previous Seatime May Count:
    • If you have previous seatime on a comparable vessel, 28' or over as Crew or Master, you may be able to use this seatime toward your 200 hours.
    • Sail with us and we will access your competency for international bareboat charter worthiness including navigation.
    • 40 hours of international sailing theory education and testing taken through NauticEd + passing the SLC Test.
    • Topics include Skippering, Docking and Maneuvering a Sailboat Under Power, Coastal Navigation, Electronic Navigation, Anchoring, and Bareboat Chartering. And if the Catamaran vessel type is checked on the SLC, the holder has taken a course on Catamaran sailing and maneuvering and logged at least 1 day of catamaran sailing in addition to the experience requirement listed above.
    • All Online Courses are through NauticEd. Take your first 2 Online Classes for FREE
    • In additional to the general sailing education and testing, an SLC holder will need to take a separate and independent 100-question test to verify their theory knowledge.
    • This test must be taken every 3 years to remain current. Tests are offered through NauticEd.

Why Get the SLC?

There are many places in the world that you cannot sail without proper legal credentials. The SLC program is recognized worldwide including great sailing destinations like Croatia, Spain, and Greece. Not only will you gain the practical and technical skills necessary, you will also legally be allowed to sail and rent vessels anywhere in the world! The SLC proves to the charter companies that the holder has the following:

  • A valid national government boating endorsed certification (NASBLA approved).
  • Recent and enough documented on-the-water sailing experience on a properly sized vessel.
  • Assessed to the ICC standard for on-the-water sailing competence.
  • Completed and passed at least 40 hours of theory study including Coastal and Electronic Navigation.
  • Completed a 100-question test on all aspects of skippering, sailing, bareboat chartering, and navigation.
  • Authentic credentials; all data is secured and verified online through this portal
  • Finally, the SLC exceeds any other international required standard for bareboat chartering.

What Will I Learn?

You are allowed to go at your own pace; fast or slow, our program can accomodate style of learning. Your study material and practical sailing experiences will include the following:

  • Weather and Sea Conditions
  • Boat Systems
  • Rigging and Sails
  • Collision Prevention
  • Slip Departures and Returns
  • Sail Trim
  • Communication
  • Navigation: Charts and Marks
  • Navigation: Calculations
  • Navigation: Tides and Current
  • Navigation: Plotting
  • Navigation: Electronic
  • Anchoring and Mooring
  • Safety and Emergencies

Tell me about your CERTIFICATIONS.

In order to get any certification from us, you need a combination of lessons, seatime (just getting out on a sailboat and sailing with others) and the more advanced certs require you to have a certain amount of seatime where you are in charge (Master of Vessel). We offer all of this with our Club Memberships and if you have previous seatime, that may help expidite things. You can go at your own speed and can get your first certification in as little as 40 hours of seatime. Previous seatime may count. Click HERE to start logging your seatime with NauticEd and take your two FREE classes. Types of Certifications

  • Skipper Certification-You will have documentation and experience that will allow you to safely skipper our boats and rent monohulls from most companies that do not require a Sailing License. (Everywhere in the continental US, Latin America and Caribbean to name of few.)
  • SLC International Certification- You will have documentation and experience that will allow you to safely skipper our boats and rent monohulls with any company in the world including Croatia, Italy and Spain.
  • Catamaran Certification You will have documentation and experience that will allow you to safely skipper our 38’ Lagoon Catamaran and can rent catamarans from most companies that do not require a Sailing License. (Everywhere in the continental US, Latin America and Caribbean to name of few.)

Catamaran Certification

Once you are Bareboat Certified (Sr. 2nd Mate or higher) you may get your Catamaran Sailing Endorsement that can be added to your Online Sailing Resume. This endorsement will demonstate to Charter Companies that you are competent and confident Catamaran Skipper. Combine this with a SLC and now you can rent a Catamaran anywhere in the world. Catamaran Sailing Lessons Recommened Packages: Commander's Club Membership or higher Material Covered:

  • Docking a catamaran under power
  • Mooring and anchoring
  • Effective use of spring lines
  • Maneuvering a Catamaran
  • Sailing a Catamaran
  • Tacking a catamaran
  • Gybing a catamaran
  • Reefing and heavy weather

What is 3rd Coast's Internationally Recognized SLC Program?

3rd Coast has teamed-up with NauticEd Sailing School to issue students an internationally recognized Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) allowing you to sail anywhere in the world including Italy, Spain, Croatia, and Greece. The SLC is based on international sailing standards, and is the world's most progressive, innovative, and advanced sail training and certification program approved by The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). 3rd Coast Cruising fulfills the pratical training requirement, and NauticEd's online classes offers you the theory- together you will receive the training you need to get your SLC. Give NauticEd Training a try with 2 FREE CLASSES. PURCHASE SAILING FROM 3RD COAST SAILING