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Lessons and/or Pleasure Cruises

We offer flexible scheduling so we can accommodate your group at the time that's most convenient for you. (Based on availability, of course! Reservations are required.)

Private Lessons are perfect for any experience level; from the novice wanting to get their feet wet to the experienced salty sailor who needs to brush up on advanced sail trim or diesel engine troubleshooting, 3rd Coast is your best choice in Chicago.

Family Fun with Learning. Family teamwork really shines when your whole group gets involved! Just ask your skipper and you can take an active role in sailing the boat. If not, just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you have kids, they will love the fun mini-lesson, just be ready to take pictures when they take the helm! 

Private Lessons- Minimum of 3 hours for up to 6 ppl.

  • We can train any experience level

  • No minimum age requirements

  • Combo lessons and pleasure cruises are not a problem!


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2-Hour Private Cruise- $500 ($250/hr.)

3 or more Hours- $200/hr.

  • Up to 6 Guests

Larger Groups, 7- 30 ppl.


Please remember to tip your Captain & Crew ♥

Cancellation/Weather Policy

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