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Learn to Sail

3rd Coast Cruising offers a diverse range of sailing options tailored to all experience levels. Our "Learn to Sail" program is designed to appeal to sailors of varying skill levels, including potential boat owners and bareboaters seeking hands-on training. We provide more sailing packages and flexible sailing times than any other school in Chicago.
For new students to our program, especially those new to sailing, it's important to to participate in multiple sailing outings to fully gauge interest and compatibility with our program. To assist newcomers in selecting the right package, we've introduced a Trial Membership—an opportunity to "Test the Waters" before committing to our comprehensive Learn to Sail Memberships. 

TRIAL MEMBERSHIP PROCESS: Our Learn to Sail Memberships prioritize seatime because true sailing proficiency comes from immersion with many memberships offering "Unlimited Sailing", our Trial Memberships serve as an ideal way to ensure mutual fit. Upon completion of the trial membership, if the student wishes to continue, we gather feedback from the club members and skippers they sailed with to determine compatibility. This feedback loop ensures that every match is a successful one.
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3rd Coast is a Certified NauticEd School 

Internationally Recognized SLC License For Sailing

Sailing season runs mid-May through mid-October.



Monday @ 6:30pm

Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Thursday @ 6:30pm

Friday @ 6:30pm

Saturday @ 10:00am

Saturday @ 1:30pm

Sunday @ 10:00am

Sunday @ 1:30pm


All Sails are 3 hours long.

Learn to Sail with 3rd Coast

Learn to Sail with 3rd Coast

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 Sailing Packages

Listed below are all of the sailing packages that we offer. Everyone who is considering a Membership will need to complete our Trial Membership Program. Considering the number of membership options we offer and that most Learn to Sail Club Members have been with us for several years, we encourage all prospective students to  kick the tires with us before committing. For folks wanting to Fast Track their learnings, we also offer Private Lessons for groups up to 6 people. 



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