Promotions and Bareboat Certifications

Although not required for Club Members, if your goal is to rent a boat, get your Captain's License or SLC (International Sailing License & Sailing Certificate), then you will want to get promoted quickly- Seatime and Self- Study are KEY!
How to Study
  • New Sailors- Review videos under Beginners Study Guide and take the beginner's quiz before you sail. You may take the quiz again after your sail to see how much you learned!
  • Intermediate Sailors- Continue to review study materials under Intermediate Study Guide and take the 3rd Mate Test after your 5th sail. You may take this test 2 times per week if necessary.
  • Bareboaters and Future Captains- Seatime is king but the more you self study, the quicker you will advance. Review intermediate sailor guidelines and start preparing for you 2nd Mate (Bareboat) Promotion


Beginner Study Guide

Advanced Study Guide


Intermediate Study Guide

Once you get your 2nd Mate Promotion with bareboat certification and have amassed 50 hours of seatime, it is time to take your Sr. 2nd Mate Test.
Mate Promotion Prerequisites, Steps to Your 1st Promotion
  • Review Study Guides above
  • Pass your Mate Promotion test
  • Email me any certificate you receive from the State.
  • Review the prerequisites for your promotion.
  • Talk to your skipper and let them know which promotion you are going for.