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Teambuilding + Sailboat Racing

Forget the Golf Outing, nothing builds a cohesive team faster than trying to get a sailboat to move. Once we add the racing element, your group will most certainly be hooked. This is the Ultimate Team-building Exercise that demonstrates a group’s ability to work together and communicate, if done correctly they may win the race if not, the boat stops moving! Your group will talk about this event for years to come.


This fun activity encourages and improves:

  • Team cohesion

  • Goal setting

  • Communication skills

  • Adaptability when facing new challenges

How it Works

The 3-hour event starts with basic sailing lessons and then we race to determine the best team! Feel free to contact us with specific questions that you may have.


No sailing experience? No problem! Your group will have their lessons conducted by our Licensed Captains who are skilled in teaching at all levels. 


Maximum allowed per Monohull is 6 people, for 7-12 people two boats are required and so on.  Select the Catamaran Committee Option for more of a party amtmosphere.

Catamaran Committee Boat Option

A perfect option for your team members that would rather chill, relax and have a cold one.
  • 38' Luxury Sailing Catamaran (equivalent to a 70' monohull)
  • 12-person capacity* (We have options for 12+, please email us details.)
  • Yacht Concierge who will cater to your group's needs
  • Large Yeti Cooler and Refrigerator 
  • Full Kitchen (Galley) with working stove/oven
  • Bluetooth Radio
  • Barbecue Grill
  • Floatie Toys for water fun
  • Lessons, Tour, Chill Out, Party Cruise/ BYOB or combo - It's all about customization.
  • $600/hr.

*Groups over 6 must bareboat (rent) this vessel. Must be qualified to handle a 38' catamaran, if not, we can provide a list of qualified Skippers to run the boat. DETAILS

Racing Boats

$250 per hour/per Monohull

3-hour, 2-boat min

Catamaran Committee Option

$600 per hour for Catamaran

3-hour minimum


Need more info?

Captain Jim will be in touch with you soon⛵

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