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If you purchased from Groupon or received any Gift Certificate, we need you to do the following in order for you to schedule your sail:

  1. Complete "NEW SAILOR REGISTRATIONAll people sailing must complete this registration. Use Contact Us Form below only if the registration doesn't work.

  2. REDEMPTION CODE (See Picture Below)

    1. Open Voucher​

    2. Click on "View Voucher"

    3. Choose "Ready to use the Groupon" 

    4. Click on "View Voucher" this will give you your Voucher #

    5. Send us the redemption code using Registration. Once we get it, we will add the appropriate # of sails on to your account.

  3. Scheduling OR Purchasing for others? Have them complete a separate registration using a different email. (This will be their User ID for their account.)  If this is a gift, complete using your info. Eventually, the gift Recipient needs to complete the registration. READ INSTRUCTIONS

  4. Once the registration is completed, within 24 hrs. we will verify your redemption code and the appropriate # of sails will be added to your account.  

  5. SCHEDULE NOW  (You and your guest can sign-up for our daily RTS (Request to Sail) roster )

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Groupon Registration
Groupon Contact Us