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2-Day Marine Navigation Seminar

at The Strictly Sail Show

Presented by 3rd Coast Cruising - Chicago

Learn navigation skills you can take around the world and back.


Saturday January 17th & Sunday January 18th, 2015

Strictly Sail Show – McCormick Place, South Hall

9:30am to 4pm (1 hour mid-day break)


Have you dreamed of sailing in a tropical paradise but found the idea of navigating reefs and channels just too intimidating? Ever wondered how you would you navigate unfamiliar waters if your GPS failed? Take our 2-day Navigation Seminar and learn the essentials of navigating without a GPS and gain the confidence you need to sail in domestic waters, tropical destinations and just about anywhere in between.


Learn how to:

  • Read a chart and understand the corresponding symbols

  • Find a location using latitude and longitude

  • Find the distance between points

  • Find the True Compass heading and convert it to the Per Steering Compass using magnetic north and the deviation of your vessel

  • Convert Speed, Time and Distance to be able to calculate all three while at sea

  • Find a cross bearing fix and your exact location on a chart without a GPS

  • Understand the COLREGS and their meaning and how they apply to safety 

  • Understanding "Right of Way"

  • Interpret different light schemes for different vessels to help determine various scenarios

  • Identify and use the safety equipment that should be on board your vessel


$259 (By Jan. 7th) or $500 (After Jan. 7th) Fee includes:

Navigation Tools and Materials ($75.00 value)

4- Day Strictly Sail Yacht Club and Show Pass ($58.00 value)

$100 credit good towards a  Lesson Package, Unlimited Membership or Private Cruise with 3rd Coast Cruising*


(*Excludes Trial Classes, Lake Crossing and Charter Trips.

May not be combined with other offers, discounts or deals.)







Sail with us in the Caribbean and become a member of our

Blue Water Magellan Club!

Test your new navigation skills on a 44’ Catamaran: 

March 7th – March 14th 2015

Call 708.482.4300, email or

stop by Booth #S1004 for more trip details.

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