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Youth Sailing Camp (ages 12-17)

July 14th - July 17th

10:00am to 1:00pm 

(4-day camp/12 hours total)


If you're like a lot of parents these days, it can be challenging to get your kids to drop the smartphones and get involved in a new activity. And you want that activity to be fun, safe and rewarding. Our Youth Sailing Camp meets these requirements and then some.  


These young sailors will start their lessons aboard one of 30'+ sailing yachts where they will be instructed on safety procedures. Under the guidance of USCG Captain Jim Miranda (3rd Coast Cruising owner) and Crew, the class will set sail to begin their adventure.


Our adaptable curriculum is designed to teach students at all levels and some of the many topics we'll cover include boat terminology, points of sail, mechanics of sailing, sail adjustment and everyone will be given the opportunity to helm.  


Plus, our small class size (4-6 students) ensures that each student gets the individualized attention they need. They really will thank you for this later!

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