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Virtual Classes Offered NOW!

We are patiently waiting for sailing to start in Chicago (sailing updates), but in the interim, 3rd Coast is offering Virtual Classes covering a wide variety of topics. Our interactive virtual seminars will allow you to ask experts specific sailing questions and we are currently offering several different seminars that are open to all experience levels.

  1. Weather: To Sail or Not to Sail

    • Covers fronts, reading a weather map, etc.​

  2. The Wind and you Sails

    • Apparent/True Wind, Sail Trim, etc.​

  3. The ABC's of Sailing

    • Basics for Newbies, good review for Skippers in training​

  4. Intro to Navigation 

    • Chart Readings, Variation, ​Compass Rose, etc.

  5.  Feeling Knotty? 8 Essential Sailing Knots

    • Hands-on Knot trying lesson​.

  6. Navigation: Virtual Port to Port Sail

    • Sail with us (virtually) as we make our way from Monroe to Waukegan Harbor discovering important navigation marks using Navionics​.


As a way of saying "Thanks" to the sailing community for the last 18 years of business, we are offering these classes at no cost. 

Schedule Now

(All Experience Levels Welcome)

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