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Learn to Sail

3rd Coast Cruising offers a wide variety of sailing options. Our "Learn to Sail" program will appeal to all levels of sailors including potential boat owners/bareboaters offering hands-on training. We offer more sailing packages than any other school in Chicago. We want to make sure our teaching style works for you and if you are new to sailing, it is important to get several experiences on the water before you decide if you got what it takes! To assist you in deciding what package makes the most sense for you, we developed a Trial Membership for new folks so they can “kick the tires”.  Fill out this SURVEY and see if you qualify for a Trial Membership Discount. Once we receive your responses, we will send you more details regarding this program.

What Type of Sailor are You?

Sailing Profiles Choose your package

You will be in great hands with our program. We have several programs for you to choose from.  Click HERE 

I want to give sailing a try

New Sailors


 We have several programs that include Bareboating. We will train you regardless of your level. Click HERE 

I have previous experience or I want to skipper my own boat.

Bareboaters or 

Experienced Sailors


We love teaching but some folks just love being out on the water. We have the perfect package for you! Click HERE

I love everything about the water and want to make sailing friends

Social Sailors

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Unlimited Sailing

I want to maximize my seatime

We have several programs that will allow you to sail as much as you want.  Click HERE 


Limited Schedule 

I  love sailing but I have a crazy schedule 

 We have several programs that include Bareboating. We will train you regardless of your level. Click HERE

Budget Sailors

Please get my sailing on a limited budget

Sailing can be very expensive but 3rd Coast makes it affordable. Click HERE for Sailing Specials and low cost options.

Purchase beginning

Sailing season runs mid-May through mid-October.



Monday @ 6:30pm

Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Thursday @ 6:30pm

Friday @ 6:30pm

Saturday @ 10:00am

Saturday @ 1:30pm

Sunday @ 10:00am

Sunday @ 1:30pm


All Sails are 3 hours long.

3rd Coast is a Certified NauticEd School 

Internationally Recognized SLC License For Sailing

Learn to Sail with 3rd Coast

Learn to Sail with 3rd Coast

Watch Now

 Sailing Packages

Listed below are all of the sailing packages that we offer. Everyone who is considering a Membership will need to complete our Trial Membership Program. Considering the number of membership options we offer, we want all prospective students to get a chance to "test the waters" with us before committing. We want to make sure there is a good match for everyone; it is important that you enjoy sailing with us and that our club members enjoy sailing with you! Once you complete your Trial Membership, if you are interested in continuing, we will get feedback from the other club members you sailed with to determine membership eligibility. Please complete this survey to start the process and see if you qualify for a Discount Trial Membership

contact us Customize


  • Good for 1 Season

  • Some are Shareable

  • Unlimited Seatime

  • Certification 


  • Good for 2 years

  • Shareable

  • PPS: Pay Per Sail

  • Certification 

Lighthouse Club or 5 week
Commander's or 15 wk
Captain's or 20 wk

Club Membership Plus Packages

(Includes Bareboat Rental Hours)

Explorer or 10 wk

Mate Membership Packages

(Ultimate Flexibility for Scheduling)

Weekly Club Membership Packages 

(Sail 1 time per wk)

Captn' Aptshp or PPS
5 wk family
10 wk family
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